New Members onTap Plugin Build

Oops! It looks like when I made some recent changes to the member management plugin to take advantage of some of the new features in DataFaucet, I somehow accidentally got the addManyToManyRelationship() call into the member.cfc twice. Which in my case caused an error when I tried to install with a clean database. I guess I also neglected to test the installation into a fresh database, so that's my bad... There should probably be mxUnit or some other testing framework for these things, but TDD has been on my growing "when I have time" list for a while. In any event it was easy enough to fix, so I fixed it and uploaded a new build both to RIAForge and to the web service. So if you've been unable to install the Members onTap plugin recently, you can follow these steps to download the new build and try the installation again.

  1. open up your plugin manager (http://[ontap]/admin/plugins)
  2. select the "more" tab
  3. hit "search"
  4. find the Members onTap plugin in the list and hit "install"

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