A New Rich Text Editor

I was looking for some information about how to set the value of a loaded FCKEditor instance. This is the first time I'd ever used FCKEditor even though I had previously created a TinyMCE plugin for the framework called tapMCE.

The problem with rich-text editors in general, whether you use TinyMCE or FCKEditor or something else is that they tend to be over complicated and far from "user-friendly" to anyone who's not a computer programmer... You and I of course are fine with them, because we're technically educated and familiar with all the HTML concepts that their gratuitous dialogs throw at us like "alternate text" and "vspace". But it's kind horrid to force our strange jargon on people who just want to put a picture in some content.

That problem actually was one of the things mentioned (aside from their being load-heavy) in the blog article where I found this newcomer.

It's called NicEdit and I'll likely be having a look at it soon along with all the other things on my todo list. I may just rebrand the tapMCE plugin to some other name like TapIWYG and retool it so that it becomes an integrator for a couple of different rich editors just to give people the options. That way it'd have a facade where you can specify the options for your whole app and then tweak them for individual editors in the XHTML syntax... and maybe even provide a facade for some common js integration needs like for example, how do you set the value of the editor, because it's probably different across them... so if you could just call a service from the IoC container and declare which input element to set and the value, then you could let the facade worry about the JS specifics. In much the same way that DataFaucet handles database specifics. Now that would be some slick SOA. :)

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