Framework Survey

Hey! Help us out by blogging or otherwise spreading the url to this short survey about frameworks. This is not just for people using the onTap framework, we want to hear from everyone! :)

Once we have a resonable enough sample, we'll publish the result data to the community at large with some of our own thoughts of course, but to invite the community to comment on this information. I'd also like to point out that the Survey Monkey surveys don't collect any personally identifying information (or at least ours don't). It's 100% anonymous. (And really should be.)

I had some personal notions about the community that seem to have been inaccurate, so I think it's going to be interesting to see the results. This will help not just us to improve the framework, but hopefully it will help people and projects in general to better meet the needs of the ColdFusion community as a whole.

Actually based on these results, I'm thinking about another survey or two to follow up that will have *no* onTap framework-specific questions, that would be purely about working with software (ColdFusion in particular). This time around I did have some specific questions particularly regarding marketing of the framework simply because growing the community is the current focus right now with the onTap framework. In the future I expect when I do more of these kinds of surveys that they will be less specific.

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