Community Collaboration Chat

I have an active interest in collaboration within the ColdFusion community, particularly between projects. On Sunday, I'd like to talk about ways that we can foster more integration between various projects.

For example, there's Mango Blog that Laura Arguello did an excellent job with, there's Ray Camden's Galleon Forums and there's Codex Wiki written in ColdBox and Transfer. And I might like to run all of these, but they're written on different frameworks (or no framework) and generally built as stand-alone apps. So how do I integrate these seamlessly into a single website or extranet, without having to make wholesale changes to the code that would make upgrading later a major challenge?

Some of us have already done some work in this arena. For example, Laura did an excellent job with Mango Blog in creating a delegated login option. But these great innovative integration features aren't widely known and for many challenges it seems that none exist at least in common usage within the community.

This chat is an open invitation for anyone in the community who's interested in improving collaboration between projects, to discuss the projects we've worked on, the challenges we've faced and solutions we've created or potential solutions we'd like to see.

I hope you'll join us. :)

Time: 3PM CST Sunday, Nov 15th (1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern)

Steve Bryant's Gravatar Ike,

I was hoping to attend, but I wasn't able to make it. Are you going to put out a blog entry on some takeaways from the discussion? I would certainly be interested in finding out more.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 11/16/09 2:41 PM
ike's Gravatar Hey thanks, Steve. :) I just posted a URL for the recording in the next entry on the blog. After the chat ended I put up a new project on riaforge. :// - which will include the assetmanager.cfc I mentioned during the discussion and a few other components.
# Posted By ike | 11/16/09 9:47 PM
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