Collaboration Chat - the Sequel

Tomorrow, Tuesday around 6pm Central I plan to open up the CF Community Collaboration Chat room again for another session. This is an informal discussion of tools and techniques for improving collaboration within the ColdFusion community and encouraging integration between various open-source (and/or commercial) projects.

In the weeks since the first chat, we've made good progress on the FreeAgent project, which is designed as a system for creating applications that can be easily installed into any of the MVC frameworks for ColdFusion. I'll talk a bit about what we're doing with this project, and probably show some code and I hope as well that some of you will bring your thoughts, tips, tools and techniques that you've used to create integration between projects. Or even just your thoughts on the subject, since this isn't something we see much in the community yet. :)

Had a great time last time, and although I know this is short notice, I expect to have a good fun session this time as well. :)

See you there!

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