Oooops!! Collaboration Chat II Recording

We've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that even on 24-hrs notice, we can easily get a dozen folks in one of these chat sessions to talk about improving collaboration within the CF community. Sean Corfield turned out, Henry Ho(?), KymK, Jason Dean, Oguz Demirkap, Dennis Clark, AJ Mercer and a few others. And there was a very enthusiastic discussion of collaboration and open-source.

The bad news is that we had some technical difficulties on this chat. Apparently just as I switched the Connect presentation to sharing mode to demo the early beta version of FreeAgent, it popped off the talk button. So although there's video of some screens of me showing the sample app and the code, for about 10 minutes, there's no audio to go with it, so that may not be very helpful. If anyone mentioned it while I was sharing I didn't see, because I still only have one monitor currently. And then I talked to everyone for an hour and nobody could hear me and I just never noticed that the talk button had popped off. Oooops! So because of that I think the conversation derailed starting about the time I started demoing the FreeAgent beta and although it was a very lively discussion, we didn't cover some of the specific topics I wanted to cover and some questions folks have about FreeAgent didn't get answered.

So on the balance of it all, I'll be holding another collaboration chat soon and keeping a closer eye on that talk button, so that I can correct the problems we ran into this time. :) It probably will be some time next week.

If you're interested in seeing the transcript of the discussion however, with commentary about how collaboration and open-source in the CF community differs from the PHP and Rails community, etc. (which actually is some interesting discussion), here's the recording of this just held session:

Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing your views. I actually did enjoy the discussion despite the technical problems, and I'm really glad to see everyone's enthusiasm for the subject of collaboration. :)

Henry Ho's Gravatar Yes, Henry Ho. :)
# Posted By Henry Ho | 12/9/09 2:40 PM
ike's Gravatar Cool, thanks. :)
# Posted By ike | 12/9/09 7:45 PM
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