onTap Framework Presentation Thursday

I'll be giving a presentation on the onTap framework this Thursday for the online ColdFusion User's Group. If you're not familiar with the group, you can check out their site at coldfusionmeetup.com. I'm looking forward to it, I think this will be one of my best presentations yet.

Although today I was having a miniature heart-attack because I plan to give the presentation from my new notebook and discovered a strange issue with Apache. I just recently picked up this HP Touchsmart notebook and when I got it I decided to go for the 64-bit Vista Ultimate option. All-together I have actually been very happy with it. With 4GB of RAM, even with the Vista extras and the HP preinstalled whatever, it's still much faster and usually a bit more stable than my previous notebook. I've only run into a couple of hiccups. One is that the video drivers were causing crashes when I was trying to use a 2nd monitor, which is an issue with the driver manufacturer, not with Microsoft. It also occasionally drops the driver for the stylus, which I think is N-Trig's issue (and Adobe isn't supporting pressure sensitivity with the N-Trig tablets yet, which is Adobe's issue). But today's was a weird one!

I realized that I hadn't really done significant work on the frameworks on this new machine and I was loading up a brand-new copy of the onTap framework to test for the demo. I unzipped it clean and went to it on localhost. And then I realized that everything was taking great heaps of time to run. Everything else on the machine was still snappy as ever, but the CF server was dogging! The plugin manager was taking almost two solid minutes to load. I remembered it being only a few seconds on the other machine, and that's for a heavy-duty page. So I fired up the old machine, and sure enough, the same page that took 2-minutes on Vista was loading in a few seconds on XP. So I checked all my version information to make sure I wasn't missing a CF update or a hotfix or something on the new machine and nope, CF is identical on both machines.

After scrounging around a bit, I ran into this thread on the Apache forum about slow requests to the localhost.

What the hell? Why is a request to the localhost slower than a request to the outside world? But I tried the several different things that were suggested in the thread... It turns out that the one that worked for me was using the external IP address of my machine. So I added a virtual host for "demo" and added it to my hosts file with the external IP address of this machine and everything works great. Weird bug tho!

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