Getting back into things... sorry for being so jumpy!

Hey guys!

I've posted several blogs here in the past few days... and in retrospect I realize that I've been pretty knee-jerk about some issues I've encountered as I've started updating code for CF9.

I guess let me back up a bit here... a lot of you know that in 2008 I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome around the time I released the CacheBox framework (which I'm flattered to see has been downloaded quite a bit and I'm happy folks are enjoying it). :) Then in 2009 I moved from Boston back to Dallas TX where I grew up. I wasn't real sure what I was going to do professionally, but I wanted to move back to be near my kids who I'd unfortunately not been around for because I'd been chasing jobs around the country since my ex and I split up in late 2000. After getting back, Tiffany and I realized that my kids were in a really bad situation. Their mother was developing Alzheimer's disease and so the kids care was getting progressively worse. I won't get into the litany of things that were going wrong here, but suffice to say that I had to start stepping up and taking over care of the kids. Child Protective Services was involved and it wasn't until February last year (2011) that I finally got custody of my kids (which thankfully is now permanent). So I've been pretty busy with all of that and I'm now officially on disability.

A few weeks ago I got a server that I could use and I discovered that I can actually host it out of our rent-house. So since I had a license for CF9 that I got just before we moved back, I started setting it up to work on this other project I wanted to build.

The thing is I haven't done any serious programming work in a few years now and so I'm jumping back into CF9 a bit late... and I guess I'm out of practice and this past few days as I've been debugging the upgrades I've found myself pretty jumpy. So I'm gonna try to be less knee-jerk about things from now on. ;P And maybe I can get back to being the cool-headed developer I used to be. :)

Thanks guys!

Kai Tischler's Gravatar Hey Ike !

Today I did a Google Search for "ontap framework" and was quite surprised: You seem to have found some love for it again in 2012 ...

I have moved to the ColdBox framework in the meantime ...

Nevertheless I would like to know the following: Is/Will the onTap Framework be supported on Railo, too ?

TIA for clarification !

Cheers and Tschüss


P.S.: Greetings to Tiff and Your Kids !
# Posted By Kai Tischler | 8/20/12 8:50 AM
Clive's Gravatar all day I've been thinking about posting another blog apologizing for being so jumpy the past few days.
# Posted By Clive | 12/12/12 10:46 PM
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