Eclipse - Wait, it's positive this time...

I'm not using Eclipse for my framework-based development, however I realize a lot of folks prefer it. So someone who's been following the framework for a while created this archive for framework code support in Eclipse and emailed it to me. I don't really have any comments on the package obviously since I'm not using it personally, however, I did want to pass it along for anyone who's using and enjoying Eclipse.

Here are his installation instructions:

  1. Copy the file cf8onTap3.0.xml - contained in the attached file - into \Eclipse\plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml_1.3.1.6\dictionary
  2. Into dictionaryconfig.xml in the same directory place the following code:
    <version key="cf8onTap3.0" label="Coldfusion 8 plus onTap 3.0">
    <grammar location="cf8onTap3.0.xml" />
    <grammar location="user.xml" />

If you have any comments or questions on this, the author's name is Kai Tischler and he can be reached at


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