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onTap Framework Issue: install on bluedragon 7

Name: install on bluedragon 7
ID: 2
Project: onTap Framework
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: ziggy
Created: 08/19/08 12:15 AM
Updated: 08/19/08 2:39 PM
Description: I'm wondering if impossible to use on Bluedragon 7, or I'm just missing something.

I installed on IIS6 locally in a folder on localhost and when going to docs (or main index) I get:

CFML Runtime Error
The component source file is empty or does not contain a CFCOMPONENT tag pair: _onrequest
Request   /tap/docs/index.cfm
File Trace   F:/tap/docs/index.cfm
+-- F:/tap/Application.cfc

Type   Empty Source File
Detail   Component Creation
Tag Context   CFCOMPONENT: Line=42; Column=1

40: --->
42: <cfcomponent output="false" extends="_onrequest">
43: <cfset getTap()>

^ Snippet from underlying CFML source
History: Created by ziggy (ziggy) : 08/19/08 12:15 AM

Comment by ike (Isaac Dealey) : 08/19/08 2:38 PM
I'd love to have it work on both Railo and BlueDragon or for that matter SmithProject ... it may require branching the code however, which I'm fine with doing, though it will probably also require contribution from folks who do more work with those CFML engines than I do. I've never personally gotten it to work on BlueDragon although someone else told me once that they had.

Updated by ike (Isaac Dealey) : 08/19/08 2:39 PM

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